Life in the Fast Lane


(Originally Posted October 4, 2011)

In our society, we always want everything instantly. From our food to our internet connection, everything is now, now, now! Don’t make us wait or there will be SERIOUS and possibly even dangerous repercussions. Why is that? Why is it that we can’t allow ourselves to “stop and smell the roses?” Is there any kind of benefit to this fast-paced life? Is there some kind of reward received for living life in the fast lane? All I see are individuals 45 or younger having heart attacks. All I see are individual’s lives flashing before their eyes and not having any memories to hold close. All I see are overly stressed individuals who lack both joy and peace. All I see are so many individuals, particularly those in the 20-30 year range, with high blood pressure. Is this fast paced life worth cutting our life short, missing out on seeing our children grow up big and strong, seeing our younger siblings graduate from high school and go off to college? Is it worth missing out on creating those special memories that last a lifetime? Our society is impulsive. Things are done on a whim with no regard for the consequences. We never look ahead to the future; we live only in the present, the here and now. We don’t think about what tomorrow may or may not hold or how our actions in one instant can change our own life as well as others so quickly. One simple, impulsive decision can change our life forever. Something as simple as speeding down a residential street not anticipating a child running out into the middle of the street to simply get their ball that rolled down the driveway. Something as simple as running a red light just to make it to our destination five minutes earlier. These decisions can turn our whole world upside down. What if a child did run out into the middle of the street when we decided to go 50 or 60 miles an hour. What if we notice the child after it’s too late to step on our brakes? What then? What if we do run that red light and a pedestrian, who does have the right of way, steps off that curb? What then? Why must we rush? Why must we do everything in such a hurry? Why must we act without thinking it through? Is it worth cutting our life short or cutting someone else’s life short just to get something done quickly or get to our destination that much sooner? Is it worth it?

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