That’s Not My Name


(Originally Posted July 5, 2011)

To me, the word “sexy” is anything but a compliment.

When a man tells a woman that she is “sexy”, it is

not hard to guess where his mind is headed. Of all

the words in the English language a man could use

to describe a woman he finds attractive, the best he

can come up with is the overused, misunderstood

“sexy”? The word “sexy” means “concerned

predominately or excessively with sex; risque;

sexually interesting or exciting; radiating sexuality.”

Women are more than their sex appeal; women are

not just objects here to appeal to a man’s sexual

interests. Don’t get me wrong, I understand that one

of the first things that attracts a man to a woman and

vice versa is their physical appearance. However, this

“sexy” physical appearance fades with age; this “sexy”

physical appearance may not be available at all times.

Now, I can’t speak for all women, but as for myself, I do

not wake up in the mornings looking “sexy” nor do I look

“sexy” when I’m sick. There are some days when I’m lazy

and look like a total bum. So if my “sexy” appearance is

what’s supposed to keep you here by my side, then

frankly this will not last at all. Women are more than

“sexy”. We have a beautiful mind filled with even more

beautiful thoughts. We are strong, loving, and kind.

We are fearfully and wonderfully made, one of God’s

marvelous works. We are women…crafted from the rib

of man. The woman who is more than just “sexy”, even

more than just beautiful is the woman who has Jesus

Christ living in her and His light shining through her…

now that’s a remarkable woman….

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