Your Masterpiece

Painting houses

“I am the subject- made clean by Your sacrifice, whitened to a clear canvas- refined and processed, ready to be painted by You. You are my paint, You are my artist. You are the brush that creates the beauty that I represent, that I hold, that I provide. Nothing of my blank canvas, my self-glorifying ways, is beautiful. Without Your perspective, Your vision, Your living water and paint, I am blank and empty – discarded and wasted.. But through waiting and dwelling on Your easel, in Your presence… Through allowing myself to be painted.. Through patiently taking Your brush strokes with willingness and acceptance, with understanding and submission – I am slowly layered, created and brought to a new image. I am no longer a blank self-glorifying canvas, no longer a frame waiting to be stretched and covered. I am whole, I am ready, I am in the making and in preparation for the day, when finally Your paint will have set, hardened, and I will be firmly grounded beneath Your layers of perfection- After years of reflecting you on earth- You will take me; Your precious artwork- and place me in Your beautiful gallery in Heaven. How blessed I am to be Your creation, Your artwork… Your masterpiece.”

-Author Unknown

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