Feature Friday

Hey everyone I had the honor of being featured on the site MySpiritChecker.com! God led the owner of the site to have me write a blog on the power of forgiveness and the consequences of unforgiveness. I prayed over it and God gave me an amazing word to share with you all. Go check it out and be sure to subscribe to MySpiritChecker.com so that you can get his newest blogs sent directly to your email.

1 thought on “Feature Friday”

  1. Excellent posts! I really needed that word today. I’m happy in my relationship, and blessed to have a wonderful wife. But, at that moment, we’re in a season of change. I find myself wondering why after all the work I’ve put into my career, and school… I still don’t have the material things that some people have. Even though they may not have worked or studied as had as I have. I caught myself too playing the comparison game. Buddhist believe that we suffer because of our desires. That if we become content with the blesses that we already have, we can end the suffering. It’s the same with Christianity. If we are happy with what God has blessed us with, and content with our relationship with God, we will be much happier. Again, great posts! I needed that word today. P.S. I’m the new web administrator of a blog that you follow (chadbbaker.wordpress.com). We’ve recently moved over to http://fashionexchange3000.com and would love for you to come check out the newly revamped site. God bless.

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