Where Are You Putting Your Faith?

Last Sunday my Pastor spoke on faith and how your environment and who is in it can impact your faith. What resonated with me the most is when he said that we put faith in our prayers, but we fail to put faith in Jesus to perform a miracle. That was such a revelation to me. It made me think of various situations in my life and how I had been guilty of that. I would pray these elaborate prayers, pray in the Spirit, and then as soon as my prayer wasn’t answered when I thought it should or if something happened that seemed to be blocking my prayer, I would be shook. I would cry, I would get mad, I would feel defeated.

For the past 6 months, my husband and I have been trying to conceive. Each month I would pray those gut wrenching prayers, those prayers that take everything out of you. And with each passing month, I would be faced with a negative pregnancy test, heartache, and tears streaking down my face. With each month, I would try to figure out ways to “help” God answer my prayer. I would change my eating habits, take a gazzillion vitamins, track my cycle, take my basal body temperature every morning, and pretty much drive myself insane. All of these actions weren’t putting my faith in God. No matter how hard I prayed, I wasn’t truly putting my faith in God. I was putting more faith in my prayers and in what I could control or change.

Hearing my Pastor say that we put our faith in prayer instead of putting our faith in God, made everything click. It’s not about me or what I want or when I want something done. It is about putting my faith in God. It’s about resting in God even when it looks like my situation won’t change. It’s about not being moved by every bump or the turbulence that comes when you’re trusting God. Once I finally understood that, I had such incredible peace over this situation in my life. God reassured me that He will bless me and my husband with children some day, but right now is not that time because He has other plans for us. You see, when you put more faith in your prayers than in God, you are so distracted that you can’t even hear when God is trying to minister to you. Rest in God. Put your faith in Him, not your prayers.

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