Jesus is My Everything.


Author of Tea for Two: A 30 Day Devotional.

Tea enthusiast.


Dog lover.

A simple woman who wants to travel the world.

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. I just had to tell you something that’s very precious to my heart. I am in ministry and have recently stepped out in faith and there are days that are just like you’ve described in this post. I don’t know where the provision is coming from, I don’t understand exactly how God is going to do the things He has promised me. The things He has placed in vision’s and prophecies over my life. I take these things very seriously and don’t throw those words, vision and prophecies, around lightly or often, but so many confirmations have been given to me that no one but me and the Lord knew about…therefore, I know they’re from the Lord. Anyway, I had saved this particular blog about trusting in the Lord, living in that peace that passes all our understanding on my desktop. The link had no name so as I’m cleaning up my computer this morning, I opened the link to see what it was and there unfolded your blog…as I began to read it, it was honey for my heart. Yet another confirmation from the Father that even though we don’t see with the natural things are happening, wheels are turning…He is diligently working on our behalf and will bring to pass those things which have been promised….His peace is the prevailing atmosphere we must live in…how precious…thank you for being willing to be used for His Glory… I too have a blog and just this week had blogged about this very thing, God is so cool! Be Blessed!

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