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Position Yourself

I will take my post; I will position myself on the fortress. I will keep watch to see what the Lord says to me and how He will respond to my complaint.

Habakkuk 2: 1 (CEB)

This morning while spending time with the Lord in prayer, I began to ask Him what He needs me to do to move into this next season. I recently completed my first book, Tea for Two: A 30 Day Devotional, and it is in the process of being published, which is exciting! I have an official release date, which will be April 26. Although this is such a major accomplishment, I’m once again feeling stuck. I don’t know quite what direction to go in. As I poured my heart out to my Abba Father this morning, He began to minister to me. He told me to stop worrying about the logistics and trying to figure out every minute detail. He then told me that I need to position myself in anticipation of what is to come. That truly ministered to me. You see, I am someone who has to know the when, why, and how of every situation. This is part of my issues of control, which God is currently delivering me from. I know what I desire to do with my life, but I can’t make that happen without God. I’m not supposed to make it happen without God. My responsibility is to position myself so that I am ready for all that God has in store for me.

Habakkuk 2:1 shows us how to position ourselves when trusting God to move us into a new season or to fulfill His purpose for our lives. The Hebrew word for position is kun. According to Bibletools.org, kun means to be firm, stable, and established; to be fixed, securely determined; to be prepared and ready. When God tells us to position ourselves, He is telling us to stand firm where He currently has us, but to also prepare for where He is taking us. For me, I truly believe He will move me into a season where I will have speaking engagements. How I can prepare for that? Some of the ways I can prepare is by ensuring I have professional head shots done that will be used on the flyers for these speaking engagements. I can also prepare by setting up a small business and a business banking account, which will be needed to receive payments for these speaking engagements. I can also prepare by continuing to blog and write as if I already have an audience I am speaking in front of.

Although I am standing still, I am still preparing for what is to come. This is what God means by position yourself. God is already moving on your behalf. He already has things set in motion so that you can move into your next season. However, if we are not ready to enter into that next season, if we have not prepared ourselves, He can’t move us. So instead of worrying about why you haven’t moved into what God has called you to, focus on what you can do to prepare. Change your mindset. Change your attitude. Change your thoughts. Operate as if you are already in that new season. And before you know it, you will be walking in all that God has called you to.